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Past Exhibitions:

Summer Collective

7 November - 1 January

with well known local artists Di King, Christine Cafarella-Pearce & John Thomas

Landscapes in oils and acrylics evoke memories of summer holidays along the coast, views of the Yarra Valley and travels across the Pilbara, Kimberly and central Australia.

Mount Lilydale Mercy College - 2017 VCE Studio Art

Support the next generation and buy a fabulous piece of art!!

20 October - 7 November - we are open Cup Day!

Artists:  Andrew Guisto, Ashleigh Sartori, Brooke Hurran, Emily Keegan, Emmerson Daniels (photo 1), Jaimie Upton, Jessie Lawlor,  Maleah Klep (photo 4), Marlee Carter, Nicholas Birznieks (photo 2), Olivia Hawker, Sydney Reid, Thalia Hayes (photo 3).


Jenny Reddin - The Power of the Flower 

Flowers are used to represent an emotional response to life events - death, birth, celebration, commiseration, joy.  Floral tributes are a tangible representation of emotion; an expression of love, grief, shock and empathy. They are spontaneous and almost immediate.  There is no planning or strategy involved, they evolve and grow without government intervention, planning permits or permission given. There are no rules or instructions about how to offer a tribute, they are a direct expression of the voice of the masses with more emotional power than any other means of mass communication. This series seeks to express the communicative power of a solitary bloom. It is not about the flowers themselves but about the emotional impact they impart.

29 September - 16 October 2017 ONLY ON FOR 3 WEEKS!

The Music of Painting

Robert Doreian

18 August - 25 September   Opening Sunday 20 August 2-4pm 

Former architect Robert Doreian, believes that music, like biology and science, can be defined in modular numbers. As such, via musicians spanning Igor Stravinsky to Dave Brubeck to Philip Glass, ‘The Music of Painting’ explores the spaces between the notes. The rhythm. Drawing on art movements the Bauhaus and De Stijl as well as artist Paul Klee, a grid of squares underpins the musical alphabet upon which the artist's acrylic primary colours dance. Rather than a literal interpretation, the canvases reflect an emotional response to varied musical scores. Respectfully, experiments continue.

YouthArt 2017

7 July - 14 August  - Opening 9 July 2-4 pm

Supporting the Next Generation, local, aged 13-24 artists.

Urban Enviro

Giora Hoffmann    26 May - 3 July

It happened to me just four years ago, like being struck by lightning: imagination, colours and subjects came together like a big thunder ball!    I've never painted with oils before and it took me few weeks to understand that this is my medium and that I really enjoyed creating colours.

And on top of that was the subject: How we live today with the urban sprawl mixed with high rise buildings versus the surrounding environment which does not want to surrender.    It’s not just the way we incorporate the trees, plants and other creatures into our lives.  It’s about the harmony that we should have with it; the relationships between human dwellings and natural habitat.

Wanderings   - 14 April - 22 May 2017

Ceramics by:  Amanda Christians, Babette Bruders, Glenn England, Heather Thomas, Jenny Rowe, Julie Ayton, Juliet Widdows, Lee Goller, Lynne Lindsay & Sharon Twining

and mixed media by Lee Goller

The term “Wandering” implies movement, a journey.  In my work I explore the contradictory elements inherent in my wandering, for a brief moment, through this complex, interesting and incomprehensible existence.  My awareness of fragility and impermanence compete with wonderment, fascination and joy, both in the intensity of intimacy in relation to other beings, and in the intricacy and connectedness of everything in existence.  The works are collage, mixed media and ceramics.  They contain surreal and fragmented imagery and markmaking,  The assorted characters represent fellow creatures, human and non-human through my personal interpretations of myth and fairy-tale.  Lee Goller.



by Lesley Dickman & Sharman Feinberg

3 March - 10 April 2017

Lesley Dickman and Sharman Feinberg come from opposite sensibilities in presenting their exhibition 'Artefacts'.

Having studied Fine Art together at Monash University in the 1980's, they came out of the then popular Neo-Expressionist Movement where large canvases of luscious and sensuous paint were encouraged.   This movement referenced the early 20th Century German Expressionist painters such as Ludwig Kirchner, Emile Nolde, Otto Dix and Max Beckmann who reacted to the social conditions around them including World War I.  Other Expressionist artists such as Edvard Munch and Gabriel Munter depicted their own personal angst.  Remnants of these influences are evident in Dickman's and Feinberg's work.

Ernst Fries & Friends - celebrating multiculturalism at its best!

6 January - 13 February 2017

Ernst Fries, Jenny Reddin, Margaret McLoughlin, Fu Hong, Echo Chai & Joke Frijlink

Artists from around the world now call Australia home and respond to their environment and personal concerns in unique ways!   Sculpture, painting, drawing & alchemy!

Photo to Fibre

25 November - 2 January 2017

Michelle Hill, Lyn Pecchiar & Cora Petralito

Photo to Fibre introduces the work of three Melbourne artists, exhibiting together for the first time.  

An exhibition incorporating photography and textiles, these works are the result of a challenge motivated by Michelle Hill’s keen eye for travel and street photography, exploring a diverse range of settings from street art to iconic landmarks and architecture.

Body Works by Studio 4 Artists Inc

Gathering regularly for Life Drawing sessions, Studio 4 Artists Inc present their latest collection of the beautiful human form.

14 October - 21 November 2016

Janette Bird, Marian Blank, Sharman Feinberg, Ivan Filsell, June furness, Julie Goodwin, Inga Harper, Patricia Hunt, Margaret McLoughlin, Dee Ross, Sandra Taylor and Bee Lee Thia.

For more details or availability of any artworks on this site contact Reggie on 03 9730 1861 or 0418 851 819.

Mount Lilydale Mercy College - VCE Studio Art 2016

One weekend only at Art at Linden Gate  899 Healesville-Yarra Glen Rd,  Yarra Glen

7 - 10 October   Opening Friday 7 October  6-8 pm

YouthArt 2016

26 August - 3 October

More details on YouthArt page

People's Choice will be announced after 3 October!


LIFE!  John Sharp

15 July - 22 August 2016

Opened by Glen Holland - Director, Healesville Sanctuary at 3pm Sunday 17 July - kindly sponsored by Yarrawood Estate

John Sharp's art has won many awards, not least the Young Artist Award at the Yarra Glen Art Show 2015 where the prize is this exhibition at Art at Linden Gate gallery.   Being a Zoologist John's linocuts and dry-point etchings are accurate but he still captures the subject's unique personality.      

LIFE is a mix of endangered animals, Australian animals, birds and landscapes - limited edition prints all very well priced!

COLOUR!  Joan Bell - One Year On!

3 June - 11 July 2016

An Art at Linden Gate discovery, Joan Bell is powering along creating large, colourful canvases!

Since her first exhibition where she used acrylic and inks to create organic, undersea worlds, Joan's work has become more structured and detailed but no less interesting!    Oceanic themes still feature and are joined by floral excesses and her fun loving natures comes to the fore with her chatty birds!