Art at Linden Gate

In the Yarra Valley, featuring exhibitions by Victorian artists and stainless steel outdoor sculptures by 'artist in residence' Ernst Fries. Ernst’s full range of available sculptures at

Art at Linden Gate exhibits artists at all stages of their artistic careers with exhibitions running from between 4 & 6 weeks.


We are taking Exhibition applications for 2019 - solo or group shows, small (room) or large (entire gallery), 2D and 3D works

Please contact us if you would like to purchase any of the artwork seen on this website.

The gallery stocks bespoke jewellery by Bernard Skahill and smaller pieces by local artists which make great gifts.

Book one of our beautiful, mud brick cottages for the weekend!   Bring your easel or sketchpad and be inspired by the stunning views and art all around you. Book direct by calling 03 9730 1861 or via our accommodation website.





23 November - 7 January 2019

An exhibition of works by four women artists; Maitreyi Ray, Chaya Ray, Shaaron Smith & Jessica McConnell
Their artwork expresses the distinctly different phases of these women's lives while at the same time exploring the creative potentials of paint, clay, textiles and found objects. 

Coming Up : 

Art at Linden Gate hosts the Chinese Australian Contemporary Artists (CACA)

Celebrating the Years

11 January - 11 February 2019

BAI Xiao Yu CAI Echo  FU Hong HE Pei Pei

KUANG Zai LI Yinghong NONG Jiaxin XIE Chaohui

The Chinese Australian Contemporary Artists is a group of artists who strive to bring two cultures together. CACA is not only about traditional Chinese art forms like ink painting, calligraphy and folk art. Born in China and raised in Australia, their unique experiences have helped them grow. With these links to eastern and western cultural perceptions, they come together to create new contemporary art.

The members of CACA have been awarded many national art prizes over the last 20 years.

Opening Saturday 12 January 2019 1-3 pm all welcome RSVP for catering purposes

Craig Penny - the Travelling Artist

Paintings & Plein Air watercolours from Greece, France & Cambodia

March 8 - April 15

19 April - 27 May - 3 Exhibitions

Rose Hainal

Helen White

Alexander Pinkster