Tiwi Art

Art at Linden Gate has a long history of exhibiting Indigenous (Tiwi) Art, which has been sourced directly from the art communities on the Tiwi Islands.   Melville and Bathurst Islands are the Tiwi Islands, just out from Darwin in the Northern Territory.

Tiwi art is quite different from mainland indigenous art in that the Tiwi people use the designs from their ceremonial body art (Jilamara) rather than telling stories with their art.   Their designs use strong cross-hatching or fine dots and are often used to print fabrics.

In 2000 Art at Linden Gate's then director, Ernst Fries. was responsible for arranging a ground breaking Tiwi Art & History exhibition in Germany, From Mythology to the Present.    Two prominent Tiwi artists, Janice Murray and Pedro Wonaeamerri, travelled to Europe with Ernst and were integral to the very successful exhibition.

The upcoming exhibition in January 2018 will include works from well known Tiwi artists Kitty Kantilla, Aileen Henry, Freda Warlipini, Patrick Freddy Puruntatameri and renown printmaker Pedro Wonaeamerri.    Art works include paintings on canvas, bark, paper and ironwood carvings with ochre along with edition prints, some from our last trip to the Tiwi Islands.    All works include authentication certification.